“Formula for Restoration: From Fukushima to the Nation, to the World” (written by Yoshihito Hideshima, published by SAKURA-SHA K.K.)
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The specified nonprofit organization Social Net Project MOVE has been promoting linkages and cooperation with Fukushima Prefecture residents since September 2011 for nine years. Its chairman Yoshihito Hideshima has been interacting with the residents since 2011, collecting information on corporations, organizations and government authorities, and in this book, he introduces Fukushima initiatives that hint at regional revival.

The accident at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant became a major topic worldwide. The author describes the human drama wherein the residents of Fukushima face up to the accident and challenge for “revitalizing Fukushima as a new regional model from the place of the nuclear disaster”. He also describes the hope of MOVE and their activity over nine years for new cooperation between rural and urban.

April 7, 2020: On sale at nationwide bookstores and AMAZON
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[Reader comments]
“Interesting! I read it in one sitting!” (Female, 40s)

“I have great respect for the organization’s powerful activity.” (Male, 80s)

“This is a nine-year record of memories and encounters with post-disaster Fukushima. And a record of people who faced up to the nuclear accident. I read it in one sitting.” (Male, 70s)

“This is not a conventional negative story of comeback from victimization to a recovery posture, but positive and dreamy images of people’s activity through their personalities. It is a book that creates courage on the part of readers as well.” (Male, 60s)

“Right from the Preface I was in tears. There appeared in this book the ardent energy of young people and those destined for leadership in a new era. Encountering them and the consequent steady insertion of ‘Fukushima rebirth’ light into chemical reactions caused further tears on the powerful and moving story of hope and anticipation.” (Female, 30s)

[About the author]

Yoshihito Hideshima
Born in Fukuoka City

Graduate of English Literature Faculty, Waseda University
Completed 9 terms in Toho Modern Theater musical composition
Movie director, playwright, stage director
Chairman of the Social Net Project MOVE, the specified nonprofit organization
Director and president of For the One Project

After supervising a theatrical troupe, Mr. Hideshima participated in Toho Modern Theater drama department. He has engaged in many movie and social events on themes of social and educational problems, via stints as a director and production unit chief of an imaging production company, lecturer at an actor training institute, and is now independent. Along with sociologist Shinji Miyadai, psychiatrist Tamaki Saito and education commentator Naoki Ogi, he participates in education symposia and WEB operations. Based on those experiences, he started up the present NPO organization after the East Japan earthquake. With the earthquake as their theme, he created “Anything like bullying not needed”, “Pride” and “Forever with You”, all with Toei. Representative works are “Invisible Line”, starring Kunihiko Mitamura (Toei), and “Ozaki Yutaka eyes” (Kodak Japan, Ltd.). His books include “Conversational Technique to Capture Puberty ‘s mind”.



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